Gaza Conflict Spurs Israeli Partnership with India to Bolster Construction Sector

Construction Sector
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In response to a severe shortage of workers impacting various Construction Sector projects in Israel, the Israeli government, in collaboration with Indian authorities, has arranged for over 6,000 Indian workers to arrive in Israel during April and May.

Joint Efforts by Israeli Government

The decision to subsidize charter flights for the transportation of these workers was made following a meeting convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This joint effort involves the Prime Minister’s Office, finance ministry, and the Construction Sector and housing ministry.

Government-to-Government Agreement

The workers are being conveyed to Israel under a government-to-government (G2G) agreement between Israel and India, with discussions initiated during a telephone conversation between Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in December of the previous year.

Previous Agreements and Arrivals

This move builds upon previous agreements between Israel and India, including a deal signed in May of the previous year, allowing for the recruitment of 42,000 Indians to work in Israel, primarily in construction and nursing fields.

Diverse Workforce

The influx of Indian workers adds to the diverse workforce in Israel, which already includes workers from Sri Lanka, China, and Eastern Europe. Additionally, approximately 800 workers from India have joined the agricultural sector in Israel in the past six months.

Economic and Social Implications

The arrival of these workers not only addresses immediate labor shortages but also aims to mitigate concerns about the escalating cost of living in Israel and tensions between government entities and businesses.


The collaboration between Israel and India in facilitating the arrival of Indian workers underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing labor challenges and fostering economic growth amidst geopolitical conflicts.

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