Who is the real life “Bhushan Bhatt” in the Harshad Mehta story?

bhushan bhatt
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The Harshad Mehta securities scam of the 1990s remains one of the most notorious episodes in Indian financial history. While Harshad Mehta’s name is widely recognized for his involvement in the scam, there were several other individuals who played crucial roles during that time. One such figure was Bhushan Bhatt, a friend and associate of Harshad Mehta. This article sheds light on Bhushan Bhatt and his connection to the infamous Harshad Mehta story.

  1. The Association: Bhushan Bhatt was a close confidant of Harshad Mehta and played an instrumental role in Mehta’s financial endeavors. The two shared a strong friendship and had known each other for several years before the scam came to light. Their association played a pivotal role in the manipulation of the stock market and the subsequent fallout that ensued.
  2. The Collaborative Scheme: Bhushan Bhatt actively participated in the fraudulent activities orchestrated by Harshad Mehta. Together, they devised strategies to exploit loopholes in the banking system, primarily using the technique known as “the ready forward (RF) deal.” This technique involved utilizing funds from banks to manipulate stock prices and create a false sense of demand in the market.
  3. The Infamous Rs. 1 Billion Transaction: One of the most notable incidents involving Bhushan Bhatt was the fraudulent transaction of Rs. 1 billion (10 crores) that he facilitated on behalf of Harshad Mehta. This transaction, executed through forged bank receipts, aimed to create an illusion of immense financial strength and bolster investor confidence in Mehta’s dealings.
  4. The Fall from Grace: As the securities scam unraveled, Bhushan Bhatt, like Harshad Mehta, faced legal consequences for his involvement in the fraudulent activities. Alongside Mehta, he was charged with multiple offenses, including forgery, conspiracy, and cheating. Bhatt’s actions not only contributed to the destabilization of the Indian financial market but also shattered the trust of countless investors.
  5. The Aftermath and Legal Proceedings: Following the exposure of the securities scam, Bhushan Bhatt, along with Harshad Mehta and other key players, faced extensive legal proceedings. The courts sought to hold them accountable for their actions and bring justice to the victims who suffered substantial financial losses. The legal battle continued for several years, ultimately resulting in convictions and penalties for those involved.
  6. Reflections on the Impact: The Harshad Mehta securities scam had a lasting impact on India’s financial landscape. The role played by Bhushan Bhatt, as Mehta’s close associate, contributed to the widespread disillusionment and erosion of trust in the stock market and banking institutions. The incident prompted the government to introduce reforms and regulatory measures to prevent such large-scale financial fraud in the future.
  7. Lessons Learned: The Harshad Mehta securities scam involving Bhushan Bhatt serves as a cautionary tale for investors, regulators, and financial institutions. It highlighted the need for robust systems and procedures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in the stock market. The incident prompted the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to strengthen regulations, enhance surveillance mechanisms, and introduce stricter auditing practices to safeguard the interests of investors and maintain market integrity.
  8. Impact on Public Perception: The involvement of Bhushan Bhatt, as a close friend of Harshad Mehta, significantly affected public perception and trust in financial markets. The scam exposed the vulnerabilities in the banking system and raised questions about the effectiveness of regulatory oversight. The incident created skepticism among investors, leading to a decline in market participation and a cautious approach towards financial investments.
  9. Legacy and Historical Significance: While Bhushan Bhatt’s name may not be as widely known as Harshad Mehta’s, his role as a key associate in the securities scam cannot be overlooked. The Harshad Mehta story, including Bhatt’s involvement, remains a significant chapter in Indian financial history. It serves as a reminder of the risks associated with unchecked financial practices and the importance of maintaining ethical standards in the world of finance.
  10. Rebuilding Trust and Strengthening Systems: In the aftermath of the Harshad Mehta securities scam, efforts were made to rebuild trust and restore faith in the financial system. Regulators, market participants, and investors collaborated to implement reforms aimed at enhancing transparency, tightening regulatory oversight, and establishing mechanisms to detect and deter financial fraud. These measures sought to ensure that such large-scale manipulations would not recur in the future.
  11. Personal Accountability: Like Harshad Mehta, Bhushan Bhatt faced the consequences of his actions. The legal proceedings and subsequent convictions underscored the importance of personal accountability for those involved in financial fraud. The case of Bhushan Bhatt serves as a reminder that individuals who engage in illegal activities will be held responsible for their actions, regardless of their association with prominent figures.
  12. Impact on Investor Protection: The Harshad Mehta securities scam prompted a reevaluation of investor protection measures in India. Regulators and policymakers recognized the need to strengthen safeguards for investors, including improved disclosure requirements, investor education programs, and more efficient grievance redressal mechanisms. The scandal acted as a catalyst for enhancing investor protection frameworks to prevent similar instances of market manipulation in the future.
  13. A Reminder of Market Risks: The Bhushan Bhatt connection in the Harshad Mehta story serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks in financial markets. It highlights the importance of conducting thorough due diligence, diversifying investments, and being cautious of suspicious activities. The episode underscores the need for investors to stay informed, exercise prudence, and remain vigilant to mitigate potential risks associated with fraudulent schemes.
  14. Changing Financial Landscape: The Harshad Mehta securities scam and the involvement of Bhushan Bhatt marked a turning point in India’s financial landscape. The incident exposed the weaknesses in the banking system, leading to structural reforms and the introduction of technological advancements in financial markets. The aftermath of the scam spurred advancements in surveillance technology, electronic trading platforms, and real-time monitoring to strengthen market integrity and reduce the possibility of large-scale fraud.
  15. Evolving Regulatory Frameworks: The regulatory response to the Harshad Mehta securities scam involving Bhushan Bhatt has had far-reaching implications. The incident prompted regulators to reassess and refine their supervisory frameworks, placing greater emphasis on risk management, fraud detection, and market surveillance. These measures aimed to instill confidence among investors, restore trust in the financial system, and create a level playing field for all market participants.


Bhushan Bhatt’s role as a significant figure in the Harshad Mehta securities scam showcases the interconnectedness of individuals and the impact they can have on the financial landscape. The episode serves as a lasting reminder of the importance of ethical conduct, regulatory vigilance, and investor protection in preserving the integrity and stability of financial markets. The reforms implemented in the aftermath of the scandal aimed to prevent similar incidents in the future and establish a more transparent and resilient financial ecosystem.

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